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Enhancing Your Character-building skills with
Keys 2 Empower & Grow

Our Story

Keys 2 Empower & Grow is a digital product developed by our founder, Tanya Miller, and Global Tendo La Upendo’s educational team.  Our team has a combined total of 30+ years as parents and educators. Their passion for education along with a heart to serve the youth in our community fueled the desire to create Keys 2 Empower & Grow. With a vision and limited resources, the team began an 8-month journey to find the right developer to bring a much-needed project to life.  Through numerous meetings and many rejections, the team was even more determined to persevere. That resolve resulted in the creation of Keys 2 Empower & Grow.

Why Now?

The time for a product like Keys 2 Empower & Grow is NOW- with bullying, depression, and anxiety among youth on the rise.  With this web app, we offer a tool to support our young people as they navigate better ways to handle these issues that will make a positive impact.  We created this product to aid parents, schools, and communities in their efforts to meet the needs of our young people. 

The Web App

Technology is second nature to our youth today, used for both entertainment and educational purposes.  Keys 2 Empower & Grow has been developed to keep this in mind.

This web app will offer each user a fun learning experience as they journey with Isabel, Leo, and friends, earning keys to unlock the next level of valuable knowledge. Understanding the vital role character-building plays in shaping our youth, users navigate through activities that aim to improve:

  • self-esteem 
  • increase confidence 
  • enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • build leadership skills, and much more 

Users and their K2E&G friends continue to grow in knowledge and understanding throughout each level while learning how to build healthy relationships and learning the importance of family, schools, and communities.

Also included in your purchase at no additional cost is an Extension Activity Guide that offers extended activities and resources for continued growth and learning. There are two versions to choose from.

Product Launch

There will be a Spanish version for each level as well. You are on the cutting edge of an innovative digital product that is truly a game-changer. Thank you for taking the journey with us, as we provide our youth with “keys,” so they are empowered to grow into the very best version of themselves.

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